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Rose Monday

-------- Forwarded message --------

Subject: Matter

Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2019 19:34:19 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch <>


Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany


Provost Dr. Georg Bergner

Klosterstraße 13

19053 Schwerin

Luebeck, 3 March 2019

Free English translation  on 3  October 2021.

CC Worldwide

To Face the Truth!

From the Parish of St. Anna in Schwerin.

Please let the German-language letter be translated in many languages and be handed over to the true persons.

Dear Provost Dr. G. Bergner, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Protestant Secular Dignitaries and Dear Roman Catholic Clergy,

Today's service was blessed with great ingenuity, as the Provost from Schwerin gave a timely carnival speech where it just "bubbled out" of him!

Everyone asked themselves whether one* might not have a beam in one's eye and indeed want to take the splinter out of the eyes of others.

A good basis for a carnival speech, which a jester is usually allowed to give during the carnival season.

It was a reckoning and a lesson to a fool who gives a reckoning and a lesson to the great and the small during the carnival season, but ended with a meaningful conclusion to the Provost's speech.

And now my person comes on the foolish stage and wants to know from you and your unique category of "clergy" who is actually meant for this on earth, to take the beam or the splinter out of the eyes of others, who if not you as the true clergy?

And who is meant to clarify the importance and the consequences when man loses his clear sight and who clarifies where a person with a beam in his eye will go at the end of his life, whereby even a splinter might not be without consequences, who?!

Surely that can only be a fool or even a foolish person or something not?! Heilau!

The idea of making a fool of yourself was, in spite of everything, a good one, because you, Provost G. Bergner and your community of brothers have almost all allowed yourselves to be made fools for too long, and primarily by the force of the legislature by means of members of the Federal Government* and their electoral promises, who have "inconspicuously and insidiously" rationalised away all of the Ten Commandments, and that almost worldwide!

You have thus not put up the necessary resistance against those who are now in power, and that is and was primarily the Protestant, which, strictly speaking, can be traced back to the present day.

Thus, the big beam in the eye also affects the Protestant Church in particular, which can now, however, loudly ask for the foundations of the Roman Catholic Church in today's situation!

But not only you and your confreres, also our Lord God has had to make a fool of himself through your and other people's generosity by giving the sacraments and has thus long since been literally "cleared away" by the devil.

It is important to mention that a Roman Catholic, from baptism to the sacrament of death, has always been accepted into a completely different "league" than other believers and thus belongs to a different league that has set completely different standards, which most Catholics themselves will know!

Now you and your congregations have been asking for God's help for a long time, which has long since come into action, preferably through my person, but unfortunately the "roasted pigeons simply do not want to fly and come to the plate" like in a land of milk and honey.

Now one must actually make an effort with one's good white sheep and possibly even ask them for corresponding activities, but then one will have to fear that most of these good ones will stay away at the next service.

Despite years of written admonitions from my person  about the abuse of the transformations during the satellite broadcasts of the Eucharistic celebration of Holy Communion, especially via the TV broadcasts, the so-called responsible people continue to play with uncertainty and higher values.

Not enough, even the admonitions of my person will not always be passed on or they will have been disregarded and thus preferably my person will continue to be made a fool of from all sides. Heilau!

So my person has thought of something particularly good, which could come true in many of your churches during a Mass celebration! Heilau!

In the end, it will certainly become clear who the fools are and what the fools have tried and done, but also what is happening or will happen to the fools, to whom the fools are bound and where these kinds of fools belong! Heilau!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

This letter will also have to be published, because it will not matter much whether the especially good things happen in your churches or are fulfilled and come true elsewhere! Helau!

HP: As a Protestant, you should not pass on to others the responsibility that has been imposed on you at the end of time, because every person always prefers to choose the easier path first and then does not ask about the guidelines and the consequences, and you have always taken this easier path collectively, although you must know that such a path is always difficult to treat for a Catholic, especially for a clergyman, and must have correspondingly high consequences!