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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Royal Danish Ambassadors



To the Roman Catholic Church



To the Minister of Justice

of the FRG Mr. Buschmann


Luebeck, 18 January 2022

Psalms and Paragraphs of a Protestant and now already of an Alibi Catholic?!

Please let that German-language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the corresponding persons!

Dear Clergy, Dear Mr. Minister of Justice, Dear Danish Ambassadors, Dear Readers,

Enough of your generalised filthy cowardice and falsehood, unless you or others have already informed the political stage about the reality and the rights and duties of those concerned! Yesterday a law was indirectly legitimised by abolishing § 219a and now the great freedom was finally created by some of the party members of the FDP for all citizens of the FRG!

A white ruff and a black robe, this is how the Protestant then stands before his judge and points his finger at the Psalms and quotes the Bible texts he wants to interpret through his spiritual heritage as it just fits into contemporary history or his professional environment!

Well-formulated and well-founded appearances via TV through one's own point of view and corresponding comments convince everyone, after all, these people have cost the taxpayer a lot of money through a correspondingly good education and further training!

A high reputation, high titles and a comfortable life, nothing else matters; but not to enable others to live or even to let them end their lives immediately, before the person is born, that's called one's own freedom among your kind!

For whom is this freedom? For the so-called doctors who can or want to earn money by killing an announced life? For the women who can't control themselves sexually and don't want to miss out on anything that's going on? For the women who first want to make a career for themselves and then are ready to allow others to do the same?

With about three million immature lives aborted in the last 15 years in the FRG alone, you and others certainly have the opportunity to check what has become of these people who have aborted a life. That there is a fundamental right to every life should at least be acknowledged by a Minister of Justice! That an abortion is not a human right should logically follow from this and should also be clear!

Your so-called freedom is only a postponement of the consequences that will result and come to fruition from a single real killing of an unborn life! And if one has been baptised as a Protestant, then also a Protestant or a token Catholic has to take note of the fact that there are other faiths within the FRG, for example the pure faith in God, the Creator of heaven and earth!

Now my person as a Roman Catholic protests against a Protestant or token Catholic who is of the opinion that he owns the world and that he is omniscient, but has not dealt with and knows anything at all about the cycle of life, but wants to create or allow highly dangerous and highly questionable laws for the population!

The fact that you and others inflict a great deal of damage on human beings through your so-called freedom and also permit business and indirect experiments with unborn life is a highly questionable and criminal offence against humanity!

But even more serious is the offence against humanity of a true clergyman who has tacitly put the legislative power or legislature into the hands of such people from these aforementioned circles, without any control and without offering any effective resistance!

The Royal Danish ambassadors and ambassadresses also come mainly from these Protestant circles, but the leadership, at least by preferably my person of this called staff is and remains Roman Catholic; you and others better not forget or confuse that!

My person certainly does not need a halo, but good knowledge of human nature with a sure sense of proportion in the matter and can still clearly recognise diseased "weirdos" and can spot where such out of the norm and deviant thinking and behaviour comes from! You and other jobsworths will first learn to work in the fresh air and you and others will have to prove your high title afterwards, otherwise you and like-minded people will have to be deprived of the title!

How would it be if the cycle of life became the focus of the population and not always only your naughty freedoms? The documents necessary for this are comparatively not as professionally formulated as your statements in speech and writing, but for that the contents of these inviolable documents are precious and priceless for every human being worldwide!

My person will no longer tolerate paranoid personalities at the "positioners" of the entire legislative, judicial, executive and clerical branches!

Thus and not otherwise remains my person with best regards,

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

Big Mistake (

HP: This letter is owed by my person to many people who live a faith in God or have lived the faith out of conviction and are already deceased!