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About us

We are people consisting of different generations, whereby the domestic animal itself has protected a place in the population or in the family. 

In the family and in professional life the hierarchy is not graded anymore by age and wisdom, but is according to quite different criteria individually ranged worldwide.

In the capitalistic states most people live in a displacement process from one day to the next and in the poorest countries of the world people fight for everyday bread and for survival.

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). Linguini al Pesto (Foto by Cafe Moretti)

Diese Woche hat Mama wieder ihr Nudelholz geschwungen und uns ein paar köstliche Pasta-Spezialitäten gezaubert.

Selbstgemachte Pasta mit frischen Sugos erhalten Sie mittags und abends wie gewohnt.

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