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For the Record

Free English translation on 3 October 2021.

The German-language document you may find here!

You will not seriously believe that my person took such hardships for the pocket money demanded and could stand a little more for it, will you?

I will teach you and your kind, because all living beings, whether active or passive in the matter, will have to make up for the strains directed against the authorities for quite natural reasons!

For the Record on 22.08.2020

 ** Quite obviously, in advance of my person moving into this flat in Luebeck, Am Aehrenfeld 15, research was carried out to find out who was already living here and how the flat that had become vacant could be prepared as a precaution after the rooms had been flooded, after it was known which flat my person, including my partner or Prince consort, would choose.

This "one" body has kept all possibilities open, among other things, at the expense of my person, and has wanted to distinguish itself, including in order to be able to initiate a killing order again if necessary, and has accepted a killing or serious bodily injuries of my person and that of my life companion also by the certain flatmates and by the neighbourhood in the vicinity of the block of flats*; my person is convinced of this, which, by the way, is additionally an easy matter and was an easy matter due to the construction of the block of flats!

For how can it be that one, as a long-time landlord of the aforementioned renovated flat, ordered the new door frames for the flat so wrongly in depth and had them fitted and inserted to the walls without sealing, since these walls are partly hollow and open all the way to the attic flat? !

In addition, there is the construction of various hollow spaces or shafts of the flat, so that some tenants also quite obviously take advantage of the abuse of this construction, in that these "criminals" can, for example, convert cooled rooms of our ground floor flat into a low-oxygen and rather stuffy flat in a few seconds!

The particularly reprehensible and dangerous thing about this is that this partly "so-called neighbourhood" and many others of you can no longer distinguish between right and wrong and true and untrue!

Nobody, no human being, including the affected direct neighbourhood informed my person or the person of my life companion so far about the reasons of such described incidents or about the questionable behaviour of the citizens, which either suggests extremely primitive and contemptible so-called fellow human beings or, however, correspondingly wrong instructions were given, since the actual activity of my person had referred to and concentrated on feedbacks of the population!

You and your kind had better refrain from such primitive underhandedness in future!

Thus, the devil and everyone bound to him is given a free hand, in that, for example, in reverse, some of you and these aforementioned co-inhabitants, especially if even pre-drilled holes or inconspicuous cracks in special places connected to the cavity of the walls, use this possibility for criminal purposes, in order to conduct odours, sneezing powder or dangerous bacteria or gases, house dust and the smallest particles* into our flat!

Quite apart from this, it can be concluded from some prepared cracks or holes, among other things, that our home has been broken into several times!

Not infrequently we woke up with headaches or with other stories such as sore throats or even suddenly occurring severe flu infections, which occurred in the same way but in increasingly stronger doses and only fixed on my person and on that of my partner, whereby my partner sees all these and other things quite differently than my person!

This and many other things are serious crimes to which, among other things, our lives and our health, including my own, have been and are being knowingly exposed by many people in Luebeck.

Despite the above-mentioned information from my person of 07 December 2019 to the Luebeck Health Department and despite additional** verbal, detailed information in the police station in the Meesenring, many of these confidants have rather "sponsored" this dangerous and false game!

In addition to that, partly you and your kind will probably have ridiculed the instructions of my person and my person, because many of you are severely to very severely mentally ill and want to ignore the truth in the matter by means of reality displacement through this mental disorder or illness and want to fight it again and again, whereby one of the "instigators" is of course familiar to me!

These are partly severe neuroses from which many affected persons suffer and some of these affected persons will have a split personality in the meantime!

You and others have also played with the end that demonstrably accompanies my person, like small and clumsy children do, who do not know and can no longer distinguish what is right and what is wrong!

This is something quite sad, especially as some of you and those concerned are also still** working, whereby behaviour at work is also indicative of behaviour at home and, conversely, behaviour at home is indicative of behaviour at work !

Final warning with immediate effect, you partly pathetic and diseased Luebeck beasts! 

You and everyone else must obey at all costs, otherwise there will be a very, very rude awakening, from which especially these described Luebecker citizens will not be able to get out of!

To make it clear once again:  Not you or other persons, who are not clearly and in writing called into direct responsibility by my person, have the say here on God's earth, but only those who are quite specifically and quite certainly demonstrably intended for the coming end!

Everyone worldwide bears responsibility for everyone else, as the CORONA pandemic also makes clear, but in the end only three people worldwide, who are quite obviously positioned differently, have the actual say!


Germany, Luebeck, 22.08.2020 / 09.07.2021* Document added.

HP: We will all still talk about it, which is especially true for the former neighbourhoods of my person, and then we will see!