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You don't want to listen and you don't want to obey..............?

You continue to let the residential behaviour of others trample on my nerves and on my health*?

If you can't come up with any reasonable arguments to justify such behaviour, then the same goes for you and your ilk:

Friday 13/12/2019

You wanted to continue to be served in a land of milk and honey at the expense of my person?


You will be held accountable as the ones responsible for the banging with the Velux windows, for the creaking of my room ceiling and for the construction noise in front of my door, so that you finally understand who you are letting play with you!

A few days of homelessness during the relocation phase will certainly do you and your kind a world of good and you as mayor and city administration of Luebeck and Hamburg will certainly learn that cold can cause pain or be fatal!

See to it that you get the ball rolling according to the letter mentioned below, because today at 14:00** hrs there is no earthquake of magnitude 5+ on the Richter scale according to the Volcano & Earthquake App, which will probably mean that it could be the "calm before the storm", as has already happened and been observed with deaths from a volcanic eruption!

Addendum: at 12:43:17 an earthquake with magnitude 5.1 and depth 160 km / Banda Sea (Indonesia)


Change of Residence

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

BARMER Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Fackenburger Allee 1 

23554 Luebeck

CO/ Hamburg

Luebeck, 07 Dec. 2019
Free English translation on 3 October 2021.

Measures in the "Open Psychiatry" Luebeck and Surroundings.

Please let the German-language document and the afterrwards added attachment be translated in many languages and be handed over to the appropriate persons. 

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I very much hope that you and your kind have finally understood the seriousness of the situation and will no longer "bullshit" me and my family, to make it clear!

In the matter and commission of the Lord, my person must regrettably turn to you as one of my contacts, since a chancellor is quite obviously not available for my person and my person now also no longer values a chancellor.

So that the precious time that still remains to us as humanity will be used appropriately and so that the matter and the commission can get rolling, my person would like to communicate some special orders to you and others, especially for the mentally ill, who will no longer be ascertainable in numbers, which we as humans will also no longer be able to judge.

We as humanity are still in the "open asylum for the mentally disturbed or ill", but the spirit of the times is steadily advancing with giant strides and will soon become much more apparent.

Before this happens, it should be made clear who is in charge here on God's earth and who has to bow to the higher law here on God's earth!

For this reason, a solution must be found as soon as possible for the "housing problem" of many Luebeckers, which my person has already announced.

This means, for example, that many villa owners as well as many house owners will move into their front gardens and this means for all Luebeckers that the toilet bowls will be dismantled everywhere with the exception of the street Am Aehrenfeld and with the exception of the doctors' surgeries and public buildings and facilities, so that every responsible sick person can realise and see the writing on the wall, in that although the use of the water flush will remain available,* any further use of the toilet bowls will be made impossible by the plumbers from Luebeck and the surrounding area!

The exceptions for this and other measures will have to be certified and recorded by you, the health insurance companies, so that there can be no injustice of equal treatment.

Isolated persons, preferably from my ex-relatives or extended relatives or those of my "Prince Consort", will receive special treatment in the closed asylum, as already communicated in writing; further instructions will possibly also be issued in the matter and on behalf of the AOK or you as the BARMER substitute health insurance fund, with which my person is also insured, whereby you and others will have to be very careful and check whether these are actually the orders and commands of my person or those of King Juergen.

If you as a person have messed with the devil and more, you always have to reckon with the fact that you can be thrown back at least one step by a wrong play in the future, and you have to know whether it is still possible in terms of time and health to make up for these steps in order to take the next steps.

For this reason, my person must at least also advance in giant steps, in which normally no human being belongs, and so these giant steps should also line up in the same way as the opposite side, in that, as is necessary in each case, possibly also with a doubling or tripling and more will at least be worked with my person, and this until nothing more can be held against it and the entire cycle of life forcibly collapses, which at least my person wanted to accompany during various cultural journeys and if necessary must be able to catch up!

The whole matter presupposes, of course, that my pocket money** must be found in my account in good time or even already without delay, because my person does not serve JEHOVA at the decisive end of time, who wants to create a paradise on earth, but my person serves YAHWE, (I AM THAT I AM)) who will possibly recreate the earth in another dimension and order of magnitude* and paradise will remain a secret in local terms. 

To be coming back to the above-mentioned cycle of life; the cycle also includes, among other things, the universe with all its planets, stars, black holes and solar systems; and now my person comes to the point of this writing:

In order not to always have to take steps backwards, one should also take timely and precautionary steps forward in this respect, which the expert would classify as a paranoia, but which my person would interpret as a parallel circuit to the beyond, in which the planet SATURN belongs, which as the great ring-planet will be involved in the matter with a fair degree of certainty and by which at the same time the gate to the world can be opened by means of the parallel Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

In plain language, this means that the current management must redistribute itself and must be reciprocally relocated to Hamburg with foresight, which would preferably include at least two parties from my current neighbourhood, possibly including family members or ex-affiliates, and thus people who are not necessarily known to me would also have to change their place of residence.

Also, the management must be established by predetermined persons in Luebeck, which could also primarily include and involve my daughter, my mentally affected sister and possibly also her daughter, which with regard to my daughter can only be made possible by the claimed pocket money of my person.

Other persons of the management will directly involve my person during the announced cultural trips; other persons will have to come in on their own, whereby the state treasury or health insurance will have to cover some of these cultural trips.

Many of these important circles of persons will be visited by my person during her cultural trips, if possible and preferably in the castles of the world, as already mentioned several times via homepages, so that the whole enterprise can decouple and unfold.

The beginning is as follows:

In Hamburg, Schoene Aussicht house number ? my person unequivocally wishes to be able to consider a villa as her property, which she will occupy with her //"prince consort", Mr. W. F., // ***, which must have the following requirements if possible:

The villa should have two or three separate flats, i. e. be a multiple dwelling, so that my neighbourhood on the one hand Mr. S. K., first floor, and on the other hand Fam. G., ground floor, will change the place of residence, however, for example as practised* at Am Aehrenfeld, but not the commonality of a used electrical network or fibre optic network.

The previous tenants of the villa in the City of Hamburg could be people from another culture such as from India or Arabia.

Otherwise, at least two adjacent villas have to be used in the matter. The costs will be borne by the City of Hamburg, as the people of Hamburg have also long been involved in the matter.

The flats at Am Aehrenfeld 15 will be completely vacated on the first and second floors, whereby the families A. K. and P. K. will move from the second floor to Moisling to Rumpelstilzchenweg in the high-rise building there, and Fam. B. will have to move from the first floor to Rumpelstilzchenweg 14 or else to Andersenring number ? as the direct neighbours of Mr. K.'s former wife from the second floor.

The two young people* now the young man Mr. G.* with family* from the middle apartment on the second floor move* please to the Brandenburger Landstraße number 32* into one of the occupied single-family houses in the Keppler-Quarter* by throwing a family, of which already one of the spouses or life companions has aborted at least one life* out of the house!*

The landlord of the apartment building, Mr. v. L. please also move with his family to the vacated flat at Brandenburger Landstraße number 34.

My sister receives the middle flat on the first floor as her unsaleable freehold flat and in future only pays the water and electricity!

Furthermore, my sister, Mrs. R. K. urgently needs the double garden in Hohewarte II in Birnenweg, which has already been requested several times, together with my person as second member directly next to the double garden of my "prince consort" and my person as second member and she should be able to move freely and protected by many resident garden friends.

For reasons of cost, my sister can then finally give up her current flat in Wendische Straße.

The flats on the ground floor of the house Am Aehrenfeld 15 are not for sale and cannot be rented out; these flats will each be transferred to the named and remaining tenants in their ownership, whereby these used flats, possibly except for the middle flat, should mainly serve as offices or second homes for the current tenants.

The two vacant apartments on the second floor will immediately become the property of my person* and the detached apartment on the second floor will have to be equipped with beds and drinks and will be allowed to be used as a kind of temporary "rehabilitation center" in case of emergency caused by a misfortune in the matter. *

Justification for the expropriation of the residential building number 15, whereby the losses of these responsible persons must be divided fairly between the landlord and the constractor G. .

My person, who is sometimes under constant severe residential stress, such as whistling in the ears every evening, caused by the neighbourhood of the above floor* and/or** of the flats opposite*, has again been endangered several times to life and limb and this must now be put to an end once and for all!

Also the clear smell of rat poison keeps coming through the hollow walls into the living rooms!

In addition, the health of the tenants is once again being put at extreme risk by loud construction noise.

These responsible people will come to the already "announced" road works and clear the road of all the asphalt, as already partly started, as repeatedly justified in my various letters.

These said inconsiderate people shall get to know me, even if that single road no longer carries any weight due to the bonding and hardening of the earth's crust and due to the underground enormous concrete pipes of the sewerage system; these responsible people of the city of Luebeck and these building contractors will personally break open the entire newly asphalted road with pickaxe and shovel and connect the concrete pipes of the sewerage system with movable intermediate parts.

The residents of the newly asphalted streets, who have already been inconvenienced more than enough by the construction noise, will be allowed to swap flats or houses with the aforementioned responsible persons for the duration of the tradesmen's work and the subsequent construction work. This includes even the person responsible for the city of Luebeck in the matter Mr. M. Prinzen, who will be responsible for the smooth exchange of housing matters.

Mr. M. Prinzen will also have to take part in the road works, because otherwise they will be answered with force by the Bundeswehr soldiers** and the BGS**, who will please have to be subordinated to my person under the direction of Mrs. A. K.-K. for all further measures. (Otherwise, my person must ask the American army to take over this part!)** 

Only pick and shovel will be used for the road works and otherwise no vehicle or other means of assistance will be allowed to be used except for the delivery of the road building blocks and the delivery of the connecting parts for the correct laying of the sewerage elements!

Driving a motor vehicle is no longer permitted for a private person from Luebeck including the surrounding area in the foreseeable future until revoked, which belongs to the area of responsibility of Mr. M. P., Prince, in that Mrs. A. K.-K. will please be subordinate to him in this respect.

Regrettably, these and other measures can no longer be avoided, whereby the reduced budget of every thinking person will also come to bear in Luebeck in advance.

So that no further misunderstandings will arise in the future, my person would like to make it clear:

Animal food, for example, can be a good alternative to starvation for every European or American!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

HP: The Hanseatic City of Hamburg will please be involved in the above-mentioned measures in parallel and equally with the capital Copenhagen, in that please the current management of King Juergen as well as his person will change to the appropriate castle, should King Juergen be ready to take office, whereby the measures for the Royal Danish Management (Ambassador) with the exception of the King have already been mentioned.

Today, too, we can all be more than just grateful that we, as humanity, have not yet had to live in a closed asylum and, fortunately, can and may still move freely, albeit in a worldwide "open asylum for the mentally ill"!

//***If necessary// German-language Document supplemented on 8.12.2019 / 23.08.2020 **/ on 17.06.2021 / 31.07.2023


Germany, Luebeck, 22.08.2020/ 18.06.2021/ 09.07.2021**31.07.2023

HP: We will all still talk to you soon, which is especially true for the former neighbourhoods of my person, and then we will see!

19 January 2022 *Of course, at least the new entire building complex opposite my current place of residence will be demolished exclusively by handicraft!

After the fulfillment of the purpose of a barracks, the majority of this building complex will have to be demolished as ordered!*